Bulk milk cooler

To make milk and milk products as per AMUL standards, milk having high quality need to be procured right from the village level; so Union has commenced "Bulk Chilling Units" having different capacities to facilitate chilling at the place of production, Which has helped to improve quality of milk; and, milk of two three times can be brought by single trip as per suitability of time, and also society can collect milk at their desired time and preserve milk by chilling. Immediate cooling of the milk leads to stop the growth of the micro organism. AMR Dairy has installed Cluster Bulk milk cooler at different taluka’s of Amreli District.

> Total Number of cluster Bulk Milk Cooler Centre           : - 23

> Total Number of Bulk Milk Cooler installed at centre     : - 43

> % of Milk Procure from the BMC centre                          : 82.37 %

> Total Chilling capacity created from BMC                       : - 2.12 lakh  

Bulk Milk Cooler Centre 

  • Anida
  • Babara
  • Bagasara
  • Dhari
  • Dhokadva
  • Gir Gadhda
  • Mota Dewaliya
  • Nana Rajkot
  • Rajula
  • Savar kundala
  • Utwad
  • Pipalva
  • Lalaka
  • Ingorala
  • Anida
  • Ingorala Khambha
  • Malsika
  • Veraval
  • Moradiya
  • Talala
  • Bhanvad
  • Amarapur
  • Kotadapitha
  • Narmana