Cattle Feeds and Distribution

From the traditional feeding practices it was observed that animals do not get all the required nutrients for body maintenance, efficient milk production and better reproduction.

Farmers usually feed the animals whatever is available with them and so animals are not getting proper nutrition subsequently animals do not give milk as per their genetic potential and they do not come in heat at regular interval.

To provide proper nutrition to achieve maximum milk production and regular heat in animals require balance diet with proper percentage of protein, carbohydrate, Fat, Fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Layman cannot prepare such feed at home as they are unaware of feed formulation. Over and above, various types of cattle feeds available in the retail market are not only costly but also they do not contain sufficient amount of nutrients required for daily activities of animals.

In such circumstances our two visionary leaders Mr. Dileepbhai Sanghani (Ex Agriculture Minister, Govt. of Gujarat) and Mr. Parshottambhai Rupala (Minister of State Agriculture, New Delhi) and current chairman Mr. Ashwin Savaliya thought to have our own cattle feed factory in our district to prepare balanced cattle feed at dairy level.

For the benefit of our milk producers AMR Dairy has established 300 MTPD (expandable to 500 MTPD) cattle feed factory along with By-pass Protein facility to prepare balanced cattle feed known as ??MR DAN??with all required nutrients.

Benefit to milk producers by use of AMR DAN

Continuous feeding of AMR DAN provides required nutrition to animals which leads to

  • 1.Improvement in immunity of animals
  • 2.Increase in milk production
  • 3.Improvement in FAT content of milk
  • 4.Regularization of reproductive cycle and animal come in to heat at regular interval
  • 5.Prevention from metabolic diseases and deficiency syndrome
  • 6.Improvement in overall health of animals

Cattle Feed Ingredients:

AMR Dan is produce in pellet form by including following ingredients as per requirement and availability:

Sr. No Ingredients
1 Rice polish fine
2 DORB (De Oil Rice Bran)
3 Grains
4 Various types of broken grains and cereals
5 Molasses
6 Mineral Mixture
7 Vitamins
8 Grounded Salt
9 Toxin Binder
10 Oil seed extract
11 Bypass Fat

Nutritive Value of AMR DAN:

Value as per BIS Type II:

Parameters % dry matter basis
Moisture % Max. 11
Crude Protein % Min 20
Ether extract % Min 2.5
Crude Fiber % Max 12
Silica % Max 4
Salt % Max 2
Calcium % Min 0.5
Available Phosphorus % Min 0.5
9 Toxin Binder
Vitamins Min IU 5000

Cattle Feed distribution:

Cattle Feed (AMR DAN) is distributed at subsidized rate directly to milk producers at their door step through village level milk co-operative societies and the amount of cattle feed is recovered from village level milk co-operative societies in next milk bill payment so there is no need to invest money in advance by milk producers.