Quality Assurance

AMR dairy has provided assistance to village milk societies for obtaining the License or Registration under Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, Rules 2011 and Regulations 2011 in the year 2012. Almost all the village milk societies have been applied for registration. This has been proved to be the first dairy to apply for registration of its village milk societies in such a huge number. Now the village milk societies have been exempted from registration under above Regulations in the year 2015. AMR Dairy is implementing the requirements under Schedule 4 of the above Regulations. The Cooperative Development Department and Technical Support Service Department in coordination with Quality control and Quality Assurance Department have taken initiatives to intensify the sampling and testing of milk at various level to ensure the milk quality as per the standards.

AMR Dairy through its proper channel extension programs creating awareness in the milk producers for safe milk production and follow the Schedule 4 of the Regulations. The consequences of violation of the Food Safety Act, Rules and Regulations have been well explained and a translated copy of the Regulations in local language have been provided the all the village milk societies.